Kiosk Hardware

The Ledabour Kiosk utilizes the newest technology available to optimize your self service needs. The use of Intel's new processor provides faster clock speeds to handle the demands. Increased memory capacity, the use of Flash drives, LAN Port, Wifi, metal enclosures all help provide optimal efficiency.


that suit your need such as thermal printer, id scanner, web camera, contactless NFC reader, bar code reader, QR code reader, cash acceptor, metal keyboard, second dispaly, wheels, color and print logo.

Kiosk Software

Kiosk Firmware

Ledabour firmware and device driver management are unique CORE features and are invaluable tools for managing large kiosk deployment. It provides records of component level visibility within each kiosk down to the model number, firmware revision, and device driver revision level. This feature prevents loss of revision control, eliminating complicated support tails, expensive downtime, and hassles tied to manual research / field remedies.

Kiosk Security Lockdown

Firmware firewall, application lockdown, hardware lockdown and read-only filesystem delivers powerful, fast and secure lockdown of your kiosk device so that it can be used for public access. Where the behavior of the system and applications is perfectly reproducible, All users data to stay in volatile memory only, lowered disk wear and power consumption, read-only partitions resides on flash drive and yet another layer of security for malicious software to overcome.

Kiosk Middleware

Ledabour middleware software glue makes integeration easier to any existing software system. Our middleware web driver allowing you to build software that worked with a range of different sound peripheral without concerning yourself with the details of each hardware.

Self diagnosis and Troubleshoot
The main purpose of Ledabour self hardware diagnosis architecture is to reduce the complexity, and thereby decrease the cost and reduce the reliance on IT.

Kiosk Services

Remote Monitoring
A 7x24 monitoring service that acts as a primary or secondary support function. Trained technicians will monitor the health status of the kiosk to help diagnose, notify and resolve problems before they become critical.
Remote Updates
For IT, updating firmware on a kiosk can be irksome, time consuming, and can cause costly downtime. Many update methods require the IT administrator be onsite as well as remote, and often require that an operating system be installed before the update can commence. In contrast, however, Ledabour firmeware update makes firmware updates easy.
Site Preparation and Installation
Our Ledabour Kiosk professionals are trained to anticipate and resolve all your installation concerns, greatly simplifying your transition into field deployment. Turnkey site preparation, installation, and logistics management services. These surveys provide a methodical location review ensuring all utility, placement, and logistical factors are addressed prior to equipment arrival. This process step eliminates costly delays during the installation process.