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New Innovative Approach to TeleMedicine Convenience, Continuity of care, wellness management and rural outreach

Medical Devices Blood Pressure, Body Fat, Weight, Height. Integrate to any Personal Health Record System


Explore Ledabour kiosk offerings and see the many ways Ledabour kiosks can help unleash the power of your self-service needs. Ledabour offers free standing, wall mount and desktop kiosks designed to meet ADA standard.


We specialized in electric engineering and computer science required to develop kiosk hardware, software and security. Public safety is a top concern; topple testing, tripping hazards, sharp edges, are all criteria addressed in our continuously updated safety checklist. In addition to building software layers that makes it extremely easy to report and interact with the kiosk hardware such as scanner, HD camera, QR code reader, NFC, etc.


Ledabour proactive support is built-in to every kiosks, providing automatic error event notification and remote diagnostics. Ledabour on-site support brings support to your location to provide the level of assurance and confidence that your business demands

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